Fabiana Parano has created and performs STORIES IN A BAG. An English teacher, a storyteller, an actress and a writer, Ms. Parano has majored in Storytelling and in Physical Theatre.

Fabiana holds a major degree in “El Juego en Contextos Educativos”.
She teaches Storytelling in the Classroom at Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández” and at Escuela de Maestros (Ministerio de Educación, C.A.B.A.). She also teaches Drama Techniques in the Classroom at INSP “Joaquín V. Gonzalez.”
Fabiana has written Stories in Motion, A Teacher’s Resource Booklet for the Beginning Storyteller and Stories to Build Emotional Literacy.

Fabiana Parano’s largest creation is: STORIES IN A BAG PLAYS.
As Head of this theatre group, she writes, produces and performs several educational plays for children, teens and adults. Her plays are the following: STORIES, TWIRLS & SWIRLS (2012), SOCKODRILE (2013), THE BULLYING CLOWN (2014), MONKEY’S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE (2015), SUPERHEORES (2016) and CAT, MOUSE & HOPSCOTCH (2017), VAMPIRES (2018), DINOSAURS (2019), A MIXED-UP FAIRY TALE and VIKINGS (2020).

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