The bullying clown for teens

Target Audience: +10
Level: Intermediate onwards
Length: 1 hour


Bullying chant MP3
The OK Rock MP3


This play takes place in a circus context. Performers are rehearsing for the D day. Gee encounters many obstacles in her clown routine and feels she’s just not good enough. Bully and her Buddy mock at her and belittle her performance.
Everybody at the circus is afraid of The Bully, especially The Bully’s Buddy, who complies with all of The Bully’s orders, due to fear of being picked too. Several gang behaviours are displayed by this negative leader and his right hand to harass Gee. Both cue in a horrendous mocking chant, invade her territory, push and threaten her all along rehearsals.
There is a turning point which aims at raising awareness of what bullying really is and the covert mechanism this “naïve” form of violence entails.

Instance of active audience participation: students are invited to come on stage and help the protagonist in the challenges she has to comply with.

Extra pack of ANTI-BULLYING ACTIVITES (ESI): activities that raise awareness of the impact of name-calling, mocking and exclusion, and which foster respect, friendship and a sense of belonging to the group.

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