Target audience: +3
Level: Elementary
Length: 45 minutes
With a puppet!


I Am a Cat MP3
Let’s Play Hopscotch MP3
Ran – Tan – Tan MP3

This story takes place in a kitchen. The Cook is in charge of keeping the kitchen in order but soon Cat and Mouse appear Cat is looking for cake. He sees a mouse passing by. Mouse is looking for cheese. Cat tries to catch Mouse but Mouse runs away.
Cook tells Mouse that if it wants to get cheese, it must play hopscotch. Mouse finds it hard to learn to play hopscotch but, with the help of the children, it finally manages to do so. Now, every time Mouse is playing hopscotch, Mouse appears and chases it. Mouse runs and runs and feels so, so frightened that it shrinks and turns into a puppet.
This situation is repeated until the Cook finds the solution to the problem: Cat likes cake and Mouse likes cheese, so he makes a
cheese cake.

Instance of Active Audience Participation:
The children are invited to come on stage to play hopscotch with the mouse.

Contents of Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI):
Acknowledgement and Respect for Feelings; Taking Care of My Space and the Space of the Others, My Limits, Sharing with Respect

Trailer: 3-minute demo:

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