Target Audience: All Primary
Two versions: Level 1 & Level 2
Length: 50 minutes


Level 1 -King of Dinosaurs MP3

Listening Comprehension Level 1 MP3


Listening Comprehension Level 2 MP3

Levels 1 & 2 – Final Song MP3

Brief of the Plot

An explorer is looking for a special dinosaur that nobody has described so far: the fiercest and cruellest of all. So, the explorer
travels through time and arrives at the Jurassic Period. Feedosaur appears. This dominant dinosaur seems to be the lord of the land: all other dinosaurs submit to its power. Only one dinosaur dares defy its strength when Feedosaur attacks this dinosaur’s nest.
Finally, the explorer discovers Feedosaur’s main fear and plans the way to defeat it. Soon, other dinosaurs start taking a stand and defending themselves. Together, with the help of the students’ voices, cruel Feedosaur is defeated at last.

Instance of active audience participation:
Level 1: Children will be invited to help the explorer put the pieces of a puzzle of a big dinosaur together. They will also be invited to help Acrosaur feed its baby dinosaurs in the nest.
Level 2: They will be invited to help the explorer check her “information capsules” in order to gather data about Feedosaur.

Contents of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Law (ESI):  ASK FOR EXTRA PACK
Dealing with Anger;
Expression of Feelings; The Right to be respected.

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