Storytelling / Repertoire/ Kinder

  • Two Little Hands …. –  A singing story
  • The Story of Mill and Moll (Fabiana Parano) Song: Mill and Moll
  •  The Heron´s Neck, with a puppet (version by Fabiana Parano)
  • On Your Pottywith a puppet (Virginia Miller)
  • The Story of But and Fly (Fabiana Parano) Song: But and Fly
  • Are you My Mother? (by P D Eastman) Song: Are You My Mother?
  • The Loudest Roar (Thomas Taylor
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (traditional tale)
  • Owen with props (by Kevin Henkes)
  • Hiccups for Elephant (James Preller)
  • The Three Rabbits (adapted from a tale by M Salotti)
  • The Big Balloon and The Tiny Ball (Fabiana Parano) Song: Big Balloon & Tiny Ball
  • Two Dogs (adapted from a tale by M Salotti) Song: Two Dogs
  • Fear (G. Cabal) Song: Afraid of All
  • The Snake without a Tail with a prop (Fabiana Parano) Song: The Snake without a Tail
  • Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild (Marla Frazee)
  • Monsters in the Dark (Fabiana Parano) Song: Monsters in the Dark
  • The Rabbit and the Tortoise (traditional tale)
  • The Selfish Crocodile (Faustin Charles & Michael Terry)
  • Wet Beds with a puppet (Fabiana Parano)
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