Prerequisites & Information

Number of students per session: around 30. If there are more, we’ll organize more sessions, as this form of art bears an intimate tone to it.

 Room: I can perform in a classroom, the playground of your school, in the school’s S.U.M., dining room or on a stage.

 Timing:
o Very young learners: around 20 minutes
o Young learners: around 30/35 minutes
o Primary school children: around 40 minutes for 1 st cycle and 45
minutes for 2 nd cycle
o Adolescents and adults: around 50 minutes

I need to have access to performance room for set-up about half an hour prior to starting time.

 Travel Costs on schools/institutes in Gran Buenos Aires

 Travel Costs and Accommodation on schools/institutes up country or abroad.

 Teachers are expected to be present during the sessions.

Stories in a Bag 2019

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