2nd Edition

Starting February 11 th , 2019

An online course of 6 modules delivered through an educational
platform + a face-to-face private lesson through Skype.
Each module is made up of: thematic guidelines, video material, JPG
images, stories and a task to comply with. Forums for group
participation are optional but highly recommended.

Duration: a month
Module 1: The Paradigm of Action
Module 2: The Conflict
Module 3: Scenes
Module 4: The Chronology of Events
Module 5: Inner Imagery
Module 6: Writing the Oral Text
Module 7: Performing the Story (a private lesson with each
participant to explore and enhance their personal storytelling style)
Certificates of attendance will be issued

Fee: $1.750


Stories in a Bag 2019

Facebook: stories in a bag Shows