SOCKODRILE! A play that help children deal with their fears at night

Target Audience: +4
Level: Elementary
Length: 40 minutes




The protagonist goes to bed. She takes off her socks and just drops them on the floor. She knows that is not correct but she feels lazy to leave the bed and place the socks somewhere else. She goes to sleep.
She wakes up in the middle of the night because she wants to go to the bathroom. But suddenly, the floor is not the floor… it’s a river! Water all around! And the socks under the bed are not socks; they are the mouths of crocodiles! Big mouths with large eyes and sharp teeth…
A sockodrile appears and approaches her bed. It chases her all
around the bedroom. All of a sudden, the sockodrile disappears.
This sequence is repeated and even gets worse when another sockodrile appears in the protagonist’s room.
Soon, empowered and with a red “ninja” band on her forehead, the
protagonist reappears and fights both crocodiles, taking them off
their “sockodrile’s ornaments”. Both sockodriles feel their power is
gone and run away. She is the winner!
It had all been an illusion in her mind.

Instance of active audience participation: children come on stage and dress up as other monsters, combining clothes and animal masks.

Contents of Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI):
Acknowledgement and Respect for Feelings; Respect for the Body; Gender & Clothes.

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