Target audience: All Primary
Two versions: level 1 & level 2
Length: an hour



A Superhero inside MP3

The villain’s planet is running out of energy. She lands on Earth with a clear plan in mind: to take all the children’s energy to her planet. Best & Zero, the superheroes, are in charge of saving the children and the Earth. The villain, in turn, sets traps and tricks, both on the superheroes and on the audience. There is a lot of running, chasing, catching, even fighting and releasing in this wrestle between the superheroes and their arch-enemy. Eventually, the villain starts losing her superpowers and the superheroes find the way to hypnotize her. Finally the villain understands that she can produce energy in better ways than stealing it from the people on Earth.

Instance of Active Audience Participation:

Level 1: children are invited to come on stage to play games or figure
Level 2: students are invited to come on stage to overcome
superhero’s challenges.

Extra Self-esteem Pack (ESI):
Building self – confidence and self – respect; Reaffirming myself; Saying NO.

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