Target audience: Teens & Adults
Level: Intermediate
Length: 1 hour



This story takes place in a bread-and-breakfast house in the south of England. Two young people arrive at the house. They’re both interested in polishing their English.
The first guest is Brenda, a beautiful German dancer, who looks sweet, neat and polite. What the landlady doesn’t know is that Brenda is a vampire.
The other tenant is Marco, a Portuguese musician with his hippie looks. He rehearses in his room and plays his instrument too loud. Marco falls in love with Brenda at first sight. She usually dances to the tunes of his melodies. The landlady objects to them being so close.
Little by little, Marco starts noticing Brenda’s strange behaviour: She doesn’t like garlic; she doesn’t go out during daylight; she has no reflection in the mirror …. But he is so much in love with her that he gives in to her charms.
Brenda, the vampire, attacks at night. Once she bites Marco on the neck and turns him into a vampire.
The story finishes with Brenda and Marco both attacking the landlady and turning her into a vampire too. And now… what if a new guest arrives at the house?

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